1 Hiking builds up your immune system which helps make you more resistant to disease.
 2 Reduces stress “..your cares drop away like autumn leaves..” [John Muir]
 3 Cures many forms of Arthritis through exercise
 4 Promotes good sleep and appetite
 5 Keeps weight down [good for the cardio-vascular system]
 6 Helps keeps Diabetes under control
 7 Reduces Urinary Frequency thru partial dehydration
 8 Helps prevent Strokes and Heart Attacks if done on a regular basis
 9 Hiking promotes friendship and builds up lasting relationships when done with groups
 10 Fruit, vegetables, Vitamin E, Calcium, Fiber and Beta Carotene are antioxidants which help fight Cancer and Cholesterol.
 11 Hiking is good for almost anything except a sprained or broken leg [joke]